Social Media

Video & Youtube

Objective: Learning to deal with videos, being able to transfer the learned lessons from seminar into practice, uploading videos from mobile devices

Making short videos with statments from participants; nonverbal communication (gesture, facial expression) with subtitles.


Social media tools for documentation the seminar/documentation

Objective: Learning to deal with social media tools and make a showcase how civil society can work and communicate with new media

We will document the seminar by multimedia (text, picture, videos) on different social media platforms. So we will be accompanying the seminar with a small group of participants, they should document the lectures as well as all the creative workshops, they also will get short statments by the other participants and will hold impressions from Bad urach. The documentation should take place on google+, youtube, facebook, twitter and maybe instagram or snapchat.

Have a look at:
ODDA YouTube Channel