Playing the Danube Game in Serbia


By Ljiljana Cumura and Biljana Pejovic

Activity “Danube game” was played in Serbia in several cities and with different groups. It was a very interesting experience with a lot of learning points, a little bit of humor, unique exchange of personal stories, moments from history and culture etc.


First, we present the game to the volunteers from Youth Club Backa Palanka and pupils from the Elementary school “Drinka Pavlovic” from Belgrade and Gymnasium “October 20th” from Backa Palanka. We realized that young people do not have a lot of experience with specific history, culture, daily lives or habits of inhabitants from Danube countries, especially characteristics of Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia or Ukraine. Many of them didn’t have chance to travel and to visit Danube countries, and that was a reason why the knowledge about touristic, historical or cultural image of Danube countries (that were on the playing cards) was poor. But, in the game with young people, we realized that they can find very easy and quickly new information’s that are missing. Because of that, the game “The wanted Danube” was very good example of activity how we can learn more about our neighbors, to break prejudice or stereotypes about Danube countries and to have a wish to research and travel in the Danube region.


The next workshops were in Gerontological Center in Backa Palanka where we organized activities with adults and older people. It was also very funny and interesting, especially because many of them told us personal stories about their experience. Older people couldn’t use modern technology or mobile phone to find results or to resolve image from the cards, but they gave us useful suggestions how we can improve the game. Many of them said that it will be good to have more concrete images for Serbia (especially images of cities on Danube, such as: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo, Kladovo, Djerdap etc.). For many stories they heard for the first time and they found the game useful.


In Novi Sad we played the game with the representatives of Tarkett company and local government (department for social welfare, office for refugee). The game was very interesting for them and we got also a lot of suggestion from this group. They showed great knowledge about history and characteristic of Danube region. It was very easy for them to identify cards and position on the map.


The workshop with 30 teachers from Vojvodina region was organized in Šabac, Srem district. During the workshop we had great discussion and it was very creative. First we played the game and then we talked how and for which subject in the school we can use this game. The impresses are positive and we got a lot of feedbacks that can be used to improve and develop the game. For sure, the game can be used in the schools, in the work with pupils and students. It is very useful and interesting to learn about other cultures, about our neighbors, to break prejudice or stereotypes about Danube countries and to have a wish to research and travel in the Danube region. It is good connection of oral personal stories and experience in combination with support of modern technologies. “The wanted Danube game” helps to the people and youth to learn about tourism, culture, history, daily lives, habits, customs etc. of Danube region. We can realize a lot of similarities and this can be step for better lives in the whole region, as well.

Tarkett company and local government 


Playing the Danube Game with 30 teachers from Vojvodina region


Gerontological Center in Backa Palanka