Our second partner meeting took place in Ruse, Bulgaria from October 11th to October 14th, 2017. Our main meeting objectives were:

  • to present and evaluate the project’s results until now
  • to develop and apply knowledge and communicative skills in groups of multiplicators and participants (users) by art training methods
  • to apply the project’ products in the public event “Bread connects” in Ruse theatre the 12th of October
  • to developed knowledge and communicative skills in real situations in Ruse and to evaluate the experiences
  • to develop new project’ products
  • to decide how to save results for the documentation
  • to share work tasks for the next few months

Have a look at the programme:

Programme overview ODDA Partner Meeting Ruse 2017

The second partner meeting of ODDA took place in Ruse in October 2017. These are the participating group members.