Danube Game at Johannes-von-La Salle School Illertissen, Germany

by Stefanie Mayer

A group from the explorer form of year 5 at La Salle School started exploring the Danube area playfully in the end of the school year 2016/17.

The Danube Learning Game for young and old “The wanted Danube” was used for this. Subgroups were made. In the first step, every subgroup fished a pair of pictures from the Memory game with a magnetic fishing rod. They were given hints by the game masters to match the pictures more easily.

In the second step, they searched the Internet to explore what was shown on the fished pictures. The questions were: Where was the picture taken? Which country does it show? Which tradition does it show? Etc.

In the third step, the children prepared a short oral presentation of their image motif which they presented to the audience in the fourth step. Therefore, the course of the Danube was displayed with a blue strap and the fished pictures were attached to it according to the real geographic location. Some groups were very fast and managed to get two pairs of pictures in the given time and hence prepared two short presentations. The 90-minute-lesson spun away and the children were full of praise and delight for this felicitous game!