Carmen Stadelhofer, project coordinator about the meaning of ODDA: 

term paper

The successful project has entered the next stage:ODDA2

in this follow-up project all the material of the learning game “The wanted Danube” will be merged in a website and a translator-tool as an app for smartphones will be conceptualized.


ODDA-Smart Conversation Tool (SCT)

ODDA-SCT is an app that can be used on  android-based smartphones or tablets. It allows simple conversations without knowledge of the dialogue partner’s language, and even without internet.
In 13 categories such as “Welcome and Goodbye”, “Family”, “Occupation”, “Housing”,
“Clubs” simple dialogues including questions and answers or single words are listed. All these words, questions and answers are connected with prerecorded audio files, which can be displayed as text and played as audio for the user in the selected languages.
ODDA-SCT has been configurated for German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian and Serbian. For English only text is implemented. For a dialogue, two of these languages can be selected.
We developed the structure of this app and recorded the audio files within the ODDA project http://odda.eu/. Then the app was realized for us at no charge by an Ulm resident and owner of a company in Hongkong.

The ODDA-SCT App can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Our next tasks include the testing of our app in a broader environment and the expansion of the currently available 450 sentences and words in all of the mentioned languages.
It is also possible to implement other languages. The app has been developed for six languages. This process requires additional translation work, the recording of audio files, the inclusion of data into the control file, and finally the installation on a server for download purposes.

ODDA-SCT App english